Four New Poems up @ Roi Faineant Press

I have four new pieces up at Roi Faineant Press in their “Legs” issue (Issue #20.)

Image Courtesy Roi Faineant Press

You can read them here:

The Poems are, in order:


Misericordia (#2)


Southern Cross

Much thanks to Tiffany and the Roi Faineant crew for the kind editorial stewardship.

Five New Poems @ A Thin Slice of Anxiety

I have five new pieces up at A Thin Slice of Anxiety today thanks to Cody’s tireless efforts. They are, respectively:


We Should Get Clean

If You Knew Bukowski Like I knew Bukowski

Love Like the Pain of Fire

I Will Never Wake Up Beside Tricia Zapata

Click here to read them:

I really enjoy A Thin Slice of Anxiety, the production values and art in the Zine are top-notch.

From A thin Slice of Anxiety ugust 1, 2022

New Fiction: “Bus Rider, Bull Rider”

I have a new short story up at Misery Tourism:

Bus Rider, Bull Rider

You can read it by clicking the link.

Bus Rider Clocks in at 2,666 words.

Oh no, Reyes would say. You are wrong. We should work for minimums, and they should swing the hammer. There will come a day when we will work for nothing, almost all of us, and we will be slaves in fact and not just in practice. Even then, in that last age of man, which will last in perpetuity, they still must swing the hammer. Do not be sentimental. They owe us.

Much thanks to EIC William Duryea and Misery Tourism for putting my work up – and the cool illustration.

New Fiction: “The Devil Comes as a Mother, a Sister, a Daughter, a Friend”

I have a new short story up at Roi Faineant Press. It’s called “The Devil Comes as a Mother, a Sister, a Daughter, a Friend” and you can read it here:

“The Devil Comes as a Mother, a Sister, a Daughter, a Friend”

The Devil clocks in at 2,020 words and is approximately an 8-Minute read.

Tom says there is an old man named Scotty and that Scotty has seen the Devil. Tom tells this to the new hire. You ask him, Tom says, and he’ll tell you.

Much thanks to the editorial collective at Roi Faineant (“The Do-Nothing King” in French) for putting this one up, and for the photography provided with the story.

Canto Gorgo (Medusa’s Psalm)

I have a new piece up in Ligeia Magazine’s Spring 2022 Issue. It’s titled “Canto Gorgo (Medusa’s Psalm)” and you can read it here:

Canto Gorgo (Medusa’s Psalm)

Much thanks to the editors at Ligeia for putting this up.

As an aside, this completes the publication of my “Gorgon” trilogy of poems: “Euryale’s Cypher” appeared in New World Writing and “Stheno Sends Her Love” in Scissors and Spackle. Consider them a shout out to the Goddess of the Old Religion, or something like that.

Roi Fainéant Interview

I was interviewed by Kellie Scott-Reed for Roi Fainéant press’s YouTube channel. 1) Kellie is a wonderful interviewer 2) I might write a good line or two but I speak like a toddler that just woke up from a nap.

We touch upon a variety of subjects – my time on a seismic crew, writing prompts, metal gods Steel Panther, and some writing related stuff I am sure no one is interested in. Bonus: Like my dad always said, I have a face made for radio.

Roi Fainéant is pone of the most fun presses you will ever work with and I heartily encourage everyone to submit/follow.

Most Days Were Fine

I have a new short story up at Terror House Magazine. It’s called “Most Days Were Fine” and you can read it here:

Most Days Were Fine

Most Days Were Fine (942 Words) deals with the holy trinity of modern suburbia: Drug use, Domestic violence, and Court-ordered anger management counseling.

Much thanks to Matt @ Terror House for putting this piece up, due to the content it was never going to be an easy piece to place and I appreciate his help.

Four New Poems Up at A Thin Slice of Anxiety

I have four new pieces up at A Thin Slice of Anxiety. They run the gamut from relationship issues, to physical illness to metal illness.


Of All of Them

The Spire of Lazarus

One by One the Blue Jays Come

You can read them here.

Much thanks to Cody at A Thin Slice of Anxiety for putting these up, and for the wonderful art placed with the pieces. I can’t say enough about how good this publisher is to deal with.