The Storgy Stories

STORGY, an on-line litery ‘zine  was founded in 2013 by Tomek Dzido and Anthony Self and describes their mission as “to publish and promote exceptional literary fiction whilst providing authors with the opportunity to reach a wider literary audience. We take pride in discovering new and emerging talent, whilst also celebrating the work of established writers. If you have a passion for short fiction and an urge to weld with ink, read on to discover more about STORGY and our mission.”

Thus emboldened, I submitted three pieces to Storgy in 2017 and all three published. Click the story title to read.

  • El Centauro – I pitched this with the line “Hesher Heaven, Hipster Hell” having just watched the movie “Hesher.” The story has nothing to do with Hesher, I just like the phrase. There is some weed smoked though – and a dog tossed off of a bridge.
  • Ulysses, King of Hearts  – I can’t remember how I pitched this but I really did know a guy who used to sit in a local pub with a copy of “Ulysses” trying to … I am not sure. The story digresses from that, but that’s where it started. At the time I was a member of a writer’s group, and the deviate sex written from a female point-of-view was subject to some criticism from the crew. At one point I was told very specifically that “men can’t write female POV, but women can write male POV.” Not one to believe in maxims/generalizations I persevered and am grateful to Storgy for publishing this piece. Did it work? You decide.
  • Viking Funeral – I pitched this with the phrase “The best way to retire? Start a day early.” Viking Funeral was, I believe, the second story I ever wrote – the first draft dates from 2008 or possibly earlier. I’ve moved computers a few times. I never started submitting for publication until mid 2012 and then only sporadically until late 2015, at which point I, a sucker for punishment, was all-in.

Anyways, there you have it – the Storgy Stories. It’s still the only place they are available. As an aside Storgy’s website is excellent and easy to navigate. Kudos to them. It’s no small feat to keep an on-line lit ‘zine up and running for as many years as they have. On line ‘zines are easy to do, hard to do well. Trust me.

All Hail Storgy!



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